Selling Your Home? Increase Your Resale Value With These Paint Colors

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Painted homes in a suburb

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Whether you want to upgrade in the same area or embark on a new change of scenery, you’ve reached a praiseworthy milestone when you’re ready to put you’re property on the market. Congratulations! Your renovations are spectacular, your neighbors always compliment your yard, and you know firsthand the warmth and comfort your home has provided you and your family.

But what if there’s something else you can do to truly maximize the value?

Here’s something you should consider- the interior colors. Certain paint hues for particular spaces in your home will make a strong impression on potential buyers right off the bat. Let’s talk about your options and make your home an exemplary model for your market.

Creamy or Beige Undertones

A modern kitchen colored beige

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We all know that white is the standard wall color for most homes, but it tends to be too sterile rather than inviting and comforting. Look for hues with light, creamy beige to evoke warmth while also allowing viewers to envision themselves living there without focusing on the walls.

Navajo White

A modern kitchen colored bright white

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Consider Navajo White, Clay Beige, or French Macaroon. They all work well in any room.

Greige (gray mixed with beige)

A painted wall colored a solid graige.

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This color combo may sound strange, but it’s gorgeous when you see it. In rooms with large windows that let in ample sunlight such as bedrooms and kitchens, colors within the beige spectrum provide a distinct feeling. Potential buyers will easily be able to incorporate their favorite art and furniture without colors clashing, as well.

Opt For the Lighter Hues in the Griege Spectrum

Hearthstone, Turkish Tower, and Metro are 3 great reference points if you want to add a “greige” mood to your home.

Light Gray

A modern kitchen colored a light gray

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A more classic option is light gray, which is also just as versatile as “greige” but may come across as understated and elegant. Light gray hues on your walls with white accent on doorways or carpets create an appealing contrast while allowing buyers to envision their ways to give each room their unique touch. Passive, Repose and Agreeable Gray can create an inviting feel to each space without causing too much focus on the walls.

For Your Kitchen: Pale Yellow or Powder Blue

Buildings colored a pale yellow and powder blue

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The blue hues also work well in restrooms and contrast well with porcelain or natural wood tones. The subtlety of Pale Daffodil or Mineral Water can add a special touch, especially when contrasted with wood and tile.

You are sure to garner a lot of positive attention by implementing some of these colors to your home and presenting it to your market. Remember, you also have a few options with your process here: there are tons of professionals available to help you choose the best colors for your specific home and rooms; you can also ask other homeowners in your neighborhood about opinions and feedback. A great way is to observe the highest-valued homes in your area and take inspiration from the hues they are using in their space.

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