Don’t Make Any of These Five Mistakes When Selling Your Home!


If you’re selling your home, be sure to avoid these five common mistakes! Don’t hinder your selling success. Avoid the items on this list and ensure your real estate sale is successful, swift and seamless.

Check out our essential list of five missteps to watch out for when selling your home.

Details, details – does it matter what month I list my home for sale? In a word, yes! The time of the year does affect the success rate of your pending sale. Conventional wisdom states that Spring is the optimal time of year. However, after doing some further digging, a potential seller will learn that it depends on geo-location. Research has been published to help sellers determine the best (and worst) months to put their property up for sale based on where they live. Be sure to check it out before you move forward.

Don’t ask too much for your house – unless you’re not really trying to sell it, that is! Sellers often make the mistake of asking more than their home is worth. The worth is determined by comparable properties and the current real estate market. Unfortunately, although you may have paid more, the market will dictate today’s value (not the value at the time you purchased your home or the value of remodeling efforts.

Create an exceptional profile for your home! Sure it takes a little more time, but the nice pictures (of every room) and the detailed description of the property will attract more potential buyers. Spend the time to make sure your property gets all the attention it deserves.

Neglecting needed repairs…ahead of time. Yes, that last part was the key. Getting needed repairs taken care of ahead of time will solve many potential issues that could affect your real estate success.By taking care of the repairs first:

  • Buyers who are turned off at the first notice of the repair, won’t just move on to the next property.
  • Interested buyers won’t gain more negotiating power further down the road.
  • You’ll avoid possibly having to credit the cost of those repairs against the final sale at closing.

Assume you have to work with an agent! Selling your home CAN actually be done without paying steep commissions to an agent unnecessarily. offers up a new option for home sellers to get the job done without shelling out thousands to brokers and agents in the form of commissions and fees. Beycome is an online platform where sellers can list their property, connect with potential buyers and find all the tools they need! Beycome customers have access the online listing tool, all the contractual documents and marketing materials needed to get their home sold.
It’s easy to overlook the obvious, but by noting a few common mistakes, sellers can increase their success rate and make the entire process of selling their home more seamless, more profitable and more worry-free! When it’s time to sell, be sure to stop by first…the rest will come easy!

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