Setting Up An Outdoor Kitchen? Don’t Forget These Points

Outdoor kitchens are on the rise for almost a decade and a great way to revamp your outdoor space and backyards. They make sitting outdoors fun (especially if you’re living by the sea or have a nice lawn) and also add to the value of a home. All you need is an efficient layout of the kitchen with durable flooring, cabinet, and countertop, functional appliances with tasteful amenities that work effectively in the outdoor premises of your home.

Got your hands full? Based on years of experience with setting up indoor and outdoor kitchens, here we share some amazing tips that are pre-requisite in setting up and designing an outdoor kitchen. Let’s have a look.

1. Give Durability A Priority 

An outdoor kitchen designing requires more diligence than its interior counterpart as it needs to stand up to harsh weather conditions. So choosing materials that withstand the tough environment while still requiring low maintenance is a big deal.

For appliances and countertops, stainless steel is the best option owing to its durability, endurance, and effortless maintenance. For flooring, concrete is a great choice. It comes in precast pavers, exposed aggregate finishes, and stamped concrete. Tile is another great option for those who want a warmer feel to their place. All these varieties and their finishes are durable and natural choices for outdoor kitchens as they are water and heat resistant and again, require the least maintenance. 

2. Add Performance & Aesthetics 

To give a customized style and individual statement to your outdoor kitchen, play with the colors and designs. Choose bold and aesthetic designs that will reflect your personal style. The door style, the flooring designs, the matching cabinets, the walls give you an opportunity to create your design element. Whether you opt for a traditional or a transitional look, deliver your personal taste in the exquisiteness of your outdoor kitchen.

While choosing amenities, performance, timelessness, and reliability must be the top priority. You would want your outdoor kitchen to be warm, cozy, and practical. For walls, add brick tiles, and for cabinets, play with contemporary styles and add shaker style cabinets to contrast the rustic feels of brick walls.

Your new outdoor kitchen

3. DIY Or Hire Professionals

Installation can be done by professionals or on a DIY basis depending on the layout you want for your kitchen, whether it’s the contemporary that suits your style or the classical look, the two most important factors that need to be considered are the size of the kitchen and your pocket. For some, a simplified design as a grill with some storage space would work. For others, massive customized extensions such as granite countertops, wet bars, a cocktail station, stainless steel cabinets, wine coolers, and the grill would do the job.

Research online and structure a layout for your outdoor kitchen. You may avail the services of a professional for your dream project as they will be more helpful in choosing the right material, design tools, appliances, a functional layout, and installation while keeping the local building codes in check. 

4. Go Above The Market Trends

Your new outdoor kitchen must be practical, functional, stylish, and timeless. Choose the nature-inspired materials such as old cypress shutters or thatched roof or stained oak ceiling that gives it a natural and sleek look. In colors, neutral hues are trending and for a completely different look, sleek black chip in the most sophisticated aesthetics. To create a rustic kitchen oasis, use hanging straw lanterns, sleek wood counters, and thatched ceilings. For a more contemporary look, choose glossy dining tables, modern barstools, a backsplash, and a marble island, and make a style statement with your new outdoor kitchen. 

An outdoor kitchen adds to the wellness of your mind and body.  It offers you to spend time in the fresh air that has many scientifically proven benefits such as reduced stress levels, improved memory, and concentration, rejuvenating mental energy, and sharpening your creativity.


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