Staging Your Outdoor Space for a Home Sale

Staging a home in preparation for sale involves a lot of work, from cleaning, tidying and redecorating to hiring contractors to take care of anything that might need fixing. It’s also important not to neglect your outdoor spaces.

While curb appeal is all about first impressions, even the most immaculately-kept home can be let down by an unsightly backyard. For this reason, it’s important to consider the appearance of your home from the outside as well.

  Create a Blank Canvas

Items such as kids’ toys or gardening equipment not only make exterior spaces look messy, but  they also interfere with viewers being able to envisage the space as their own. As with the interior of the home, add a few neutral decorative touches here and there (Tournesol offer a great range of minimalist planters), but otherwise, remove anything personal to you from the space.

  Clear the Decks

If your gutters and windows are long overdue for a clean, make sure this is done as soon as possible. Sweep up any debris such as leaves or dirt from pathways and check for any unsightly flaws such as broken paving stones. Finally, give decks, patios, fencing and any other outdoor structures a good clean and a fresh coat of paint, if needed.

  Make a Splash

Water features such as fountains, hot-tubs or ornamental ponds can be a positive asset to any garden – but if they are dirty or broken it can lessen the appeal of your home. A landscape designer can help offer advice on how to fix faulty water features, helping to add extra visual appeal to your outdoor space.

  If It Is Broken, Fix It

Even if you have gone to the effort of cleaning and maintaining your yard, neglected, broken or rusty outdoor furniture may be the first thing your viewers notice. In addition to cleaning and redecorating any outdoor structures, consider repairing or even re-purchasing furnishings such as tables or chairs. You may not end up using these yourself, but consider these an investment.

  Spruce Things Up

Once you have cleaned and decluttered your outdoor space, make sure that your plants, trees and lawns are in top condition. Start by pulling up weeds before trimming back overgrowth and edging any borders (planting some colorful flowers can also add visual appeal, so make sure you do this as early as possible). If you have any large trees, it’s generally safest to hire a professional who can take care of any maintenance or pruning.

  Call in the Pros

Besides tree maintenance, there may be other instances where you may need to hire a professional contractor. While many home maintenance tasks can be carried out without assistance, some (especially anything involving electricals or work at height) that you should never attempt yourself, so if you require an expert, make sure to book in advance before any viewings.

  Accentuate the Positive

While much of home staging is all about clearing the space, it can also help to employ a little interior design ingenuity. First, find what the most appealing aspects are about your outdoor spaces and then highlight them: for example  if you have a front porch, adding some outdoor lights, a few potted plants and some cozy outdoor seating shows how the space might be used by potential buyers.

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