How to View My MLS Listing:

First and foremost, we should start off by explaining exactly what the MLS® is before we can answer the question on how to view your listing once it’s on there. The MLS® is a listing service created and used by a group of real estate broker/agents. They create a database that allows each of them to see one another’s property listings (for sale or for rent).

We mention this only to ensure you’ll be more at ease when we tell you that individuals who are non-real estate professionals are not able to access listings (including their own properties), since the MLS® platform is only accessible to those able to identify themselves with suitable real estate credentials.

But, not to worry, we are here for you as your Listing Agency! So, now that all this is clear, let’s go back to the original question.

So How Can I View My MLS Listing?

Once you choose one of our MLS® Listing Premium Options, you will be asked to fill-out a survey with detailed information that the MLS® requires. Taking this survey ensures we have the most accurate and up-to-date information on file to add to your MLS® listing.

Once your listing is active you will receive an email containing a link to view your listing.

If you require changes to your listing, simply let the beycome team know and they happily to assist you!