17 Social Media Tricks You Need To Sell Your Home

It’s no doubt that social networking has become the way of the world. Users have discovered that it is possible to make a living off of their accounts. Whether it be through branding, marketing, or sales, people are using this technology to their advantage.

But, with an overload of influencers, is it still possible for you to benefit from using these same platforms?

Every year, thousands of people save money by selling their house without the use of a real estate agent through social media. When a home is sold independently, the owner is able to save around 6% on commission fees. Imagine putting that money towards buying your next home or that vacation you’ve been wanting to take.

Listed below are just a few tips and tricks that can help you sell your home using social media.

1) Demographic Targeting

Demographics are the statistics concerning the population living within a specific area. With the help of analytics, you can see where the majority of your targeted viewers are located. When you have a better understanding of these insights, you’ll be able to create ads targeting those certain groups.

2) Facebook Real Estate Farming

Real estate farming is the act of prioritizing areas when selling a home to target certain demographics. It’s the most logical tool to use seeing that a majority of Facebook’s users are of the home-buying age. Facebook has features that allow you to develop your own ads, which you can then advertise to a specific kind of user. In doing so, you’ll be able to cut down a large chunk of time that it takes to find suitable buyers.

3) Facebook Ads

Proven to be very beneficial, Facebook ads can be bought for a minimal amount of money. Analytics are provided, revealing where the majority of your viewers are located. You can choose to farm your followers based on demographics with this information provided.

4) Home Buyers Blog

There re hundreds of blogs dedicated solely to real estate and home buying. Once you create your own blog, you can choose to post primarily about your listing or related properties. As your followers build-up, and a larger range of people begin to see each post, your chances of gaining potential buyers will greatly increase.

5) Pinterest Groups  

Pinterest users have a median age of 40, which makes it the perfect platform to find home buyers. Creating a Pinterest board allows you to not only freely advertise your home, but to also come in contact with those who are undergoing the same process. You may even learn a few sales tips from the people you come across.

6) YouTube Tours

If you want people to be able to easily take a look at your home from far away, posting YouTube videos will allow you to do so. What’s more, videos randomly appear on users’ feeds, which gives you a higher chance of more views. Tags can be used on each video, allowing you to pop up on the searches of those specifically searching for real estate.

7) Instagram Hashtags

Similar to Twitter hashtags, Instagram hashtags can help reel in a very specific crowd. Upon stumbling across a post, the viewer can decide to like, save, or even share it publicly on their account or privately via a message. All of these tactics create the potential to reach and come in contact with interested buyers.

8) Instagram Live

Just as YouTube lets you give a tour of a home online, Instagram Live allows you do the same. However, in this case your video is live. This aspect is beneficial in the sense that you can show your followers what they ask for, as well as answer any questions they may have in the chat box for everyone to see.

9) Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is a great way to spread ideas, seeing as all it takes is a simple click of the “retweet button”. If you’re looking to sell your home on Twitter, you can tag a tweet using #realestate and location specific hashtags to target a certain audience, who can then share it to their followers by retweeting it.

10) Twitter Cold Calling

Twitter cold calling is similar to regular cold calling, except instead of dialing a number and making a call, you simply send out a pitch to people looking to buy homes. You can go to the Twitter search bar and type in things such as “looking for a home” or “moving houses” to find your audience. Once you’ve found a few users, you can then send out your pitch. If you don’t want to appear as spam, you can even add all the people to a Twitter list titled “real estate”, where you can mass message them. Even if they’re not interested in your home, they may know somebody who is.

10) Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most used social media platforms. The app has created a geo-tagging feature, which creatively advertises locations or events on “stories” and “snaps”. Creating a geo-tag for your home allows those in the near vicinity to see that it’s for sale, helping to get the word out.

11) Get reviews and comments on your page

After creating a blog or real estate page, you’ll want to promote yourself with good reviews and lots of interaction. In doing so, you will make the page appear to be more credible, which will ultimately bring in more traffic. Ask neighbors or people who have visited your house to leave reviews. Reply to these comments accordingly.

12) Interest Groups

An interest group is essentially a group of people that have a common interest. In regards to real estate, an interest group could choose to communicate through various messaging platforms, where they share homes for sale. If you’re unable to find one in your area, you could even start your own. Eventually, as people join, you’re bound to sell your home.

13) SEO Keyword Targeting

SEO keywords are words that make it possible for web pages to be found among the millions of results that search engines bring up. Targeting specific words is done to help searchers find exactly what they’re looking for. As more people discover your page, the chance of your page rising to the first page increases.

14) Google First Page Hacking

First-page “hacking” isn’t actually a form of hacking, it’s an advanced version of SEO targeting. Instead of simply using singular keywords, consider implementing long-tail phrases, so that more traffic can be brought in through specific searches. You can also pay for ads to appear on the first page of Google. When purchasing an ad, you have the potential to possibly even become the featured article, which is the page that’s highlighted and emphasized on the first page of a search.

15) Sponsor a Local Event

Events are a great way to meet people and social media is the perfect way to announce events. When creating an event you’ll want to invite potential leads, this includes anyone from parents to recent college graduates. The event could be something such as a race or a food drive. In any case, you should be creative in order to bring in a lot of people.

16) WordPress Microsite

Once you’ve used one or more of these strategies, creating a mass post of related links may help track people back to your main page. This mass post could include links to blogs, real estate websites, social media sites, and anything else that is helping you in your for sale by owner process.

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