4 Reasons Why You Should Think About Investing In Renewable Energy

Energy Renewable energy can be harvested from various sources on earth such as water, air, and the sun. Though it is clean and good for the environment and health, it is still not used by many households and industries. Utilizing renewable energy will ensure that our future is sustainable as fossil fuels are going to be depleted eventually. Countries all over the world have started realizing the importance of green energy and offer incentives to anyone willing to switch to it. Fossil fuels are damaging the planet and causing global warming that if it’s not fixed by any means soon, it will have devastating effects on the planet. If you have considered investing in renewable energy, here are 4 reasons that will show you it is better for our health, bills, and the planet.

1. Better For The Planet

Global warming is real. Icebergs in the north pole are melting, sea levels are rising, and the temperatures are severely soaring. The main reason for global warming is the greenhouse gases emitted by factories, vehicles, and other machinery that depend on fossil fuels. On the other hand, renewable energy produces little to no greenhouse gases that will not affect the planet’s atmosphere. The pollution produced by fossil fuels is affecting everything on the planet, including vegetation and wildlife. A simple oil spill will kill a huge amount of fish and birds that feed on sea life. Forests and jungles are shrinking, killing millions of plants and animals, of course, there are other reasons for that, but pollution is one of the main reasons.

2. Better for Our Health

Countless diseases and ailments are caused by air pollution. A study has found out that air pollution caused by fossil fuels is responsible for almost one in five deaths worldwide. Air pollution leads to several diseases such as lung cancer, strokes, respiratory diseases, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Fossil fuels don’t only damage wildlife and the planet but also have disastrous effects on our health. 

On the other hand, renewable energy is clean and has minimal effects on the environment. Investing in wind turbines and solar panels will ensure that you are protecting your family’s health from air pollutants that other sources may cause. Although power plants, manufacturing factories, and vehicles exhausts produce significant air pollutants, we shouldn’t add more pollution by using fossil fuels in our households.

3. Energy Abundance

Fossil fuels are finite and one day we will have to live without them. However, renewable energy is infinite because:

  • When will the sun stop shining?
  • When will the wind stop blowing?
  • When will water stop running?

The answer should be never, but if we kept on using fossil fuels, the answer may be different. If we utilize renewable energy, we will have energy abundance that will keep everything working from household appliances to big factories. Some countries have already adopted renewable energy as Germany is producing half of its energy output from renewable energy such as solar, wind, biomass, and hydroelectric power. On a smaller scale, you can sell excess energy to your government which means that you will not only save on your bills but also make a profit out of it.

4. Cost-Efficiency

It is expensive to install a solar power system on your roof, but in the long run, it will save you money and have an excellent return on investment. As mentioned before, any excess energy can be sold to your local utility which will make you earn money. The more people install renewable energy solutions, the less it will cost due to economic rules which means that buying a renewable energy system nowadays may be expensive but in the future, it will be much cheaper. Moreover, these systems require little to no maintenance which will reduce your regular expenses considerably. If you applied the sample example on a larger scale, the benefits of renewable energy will be huge on the global economy.


Renewable energy will change the planet in various positive ways. Investing in renewable energy will ensure that you and your descendants will live in a healthier world. Installing solar boards on your roof may look small, but if many other households and businesses adopted the same mentality, it will affect the whole world. The benefits of renewable energy are obvious and even if it has its downsides, it won’t harm the planet in the same way fossil fuels do. Renewable energy will save the planet, public health, and ensure that everyone has access to clean energy.

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