How to Declutter Your Home: A Complete Thorough Guide

When you’ve had a home for long enough, you can bet that you will have a bunch of things collecting around the house. There are plenty of us that are guilty of hoarding things over the years, and that’s okay. Because there will come a time when you’re going to realize that it’s time to clear the clutter and let things go. You’ll find that by doing this, you’ll clear up a ton of space in your home, and also allow yourself to feel like you’re really accomplishing something great. It’s a big step and it’s going to be extremely rewarding. If this is something that you’ve never done before, don’t fret because we’ve created this simple guide to help you through.

 Make a Plan 

Decluttering your home will have better results if you have a plan and set some goals. Start by prioritizing the areas that you want to have decluttered first, and set a due date for these tasks. These areas are often bedrooms, storage closets, kids’ rooms, or playrooms. If you are a visual person you can even create a calendar, and check each area when it is done!

 After dividing your home into areas, give yourself enough time to go through each of them. You could spare a few hours during the weekend or on your day off, or here and there during the week. Arrange it so it works for you. This way, you won’t feel the pressure of clearing up your home in one go -or the pain on your back!- and certainly will have a smoother and greater experience.

Dispose of What you Don’t Need

This step can be quite overwhelming. What should you do with all these things that you don’t need? Should you just try to fit all the rubbish in the bins? Should you donate it? Should you just run away and lock the garage and never, ever come back? All these sorts of questions can stress you out, but the solution is easier than you thought. Let the professionals help you with this step. Professionals advise you to utilize the help of people that specialize in clearing up clutter. This is because they won’t just offer the service of getting rid of all your clutter, but will also help you organize those tricky areas of your home like the shed or the attic: killing two birds with one stone!

Dispose of What you Don’t Need

Prepare a simple Sorting System 

Get two boxes and write on one of them “to keep” and on the other “to throw”. You will see that when the decluttering time comes, you can sort your things effectively and quickly. Not sure where to put that old mirror that was behind your bed, and that is cracked and dirty? Ask yourself: does this item add value to my life? Then, you will have your answer of where to put the mirror.

 Use the boxes to store all of the things you encounter in your process of decluttering and that you are not sure where to put. When you finish with the room scheduled for that day, take the “to throw” box to an area where you can’t see it (ex. Garage, attic, or storage room) and forget about it.

Focus on the “to keep” box. Take each item and store it according to its use or nature, something like lipstick will go in the makeup box, a hand cream will go on the bedside table, and so on. If you change your mind about some of the stuff you wanted to keep, it is never too late to place it in the disposable box. There might be that item that is so close to your heart, but that you know you don’t need, but that brings you so many memories, but that is broken, but that you love. You are confused! What should you do with this? For this exceptional situation that is likely to happen, prepare a third box, a box called “decide later”. Insert there all these items that just bring you so many feelings you can’t decide what to do with them immediately and leave it somewhere. Come back to it some days or weeks later, and with a fresh mind, decide their destiny.

A survey conducted by Budget Dumpster revealed that 61.7% of the respondents accepted that carrying out a decluttering project at their homes reduced their overall stress. So, if you are feeling irritable and stressed out lately, probably start by giving a go decluttering and organizing your home; clutter could be the cause of your suffering!

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