4 Reasons Why You Should Strive to Have Great Interior Design for Your Office

4 Reasons Why You Should Strive to Have Great Interior Design for Your Office

As those of us who have spent years working in offices know, there are all kinds of styles of office space. Most commonly, maybe, is the “we haven’t done anything to this space in years” kind of look. Nowadays, many cool tech start-ups spend a big chunk of their investment on office space that feels luxurious and special; this didn’t happen in years gone by.

So, the question is: who do people spend big on creating and maintaining great-looking, well-designed spaces for their workplaces? What is, if anything, the benefit of great interior design for your office? Well, below, we have four reasons why you should care about the design of your office, how great interior design affects your employees, and what you can do to promote a productive and forward-thinking workplace.

1. Improved Productivity and Mood

Think about it, sometimes, we spend as much time at work as we do at home during the week. At home, we spend thousands making sure our space is comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying. We do all this to make sure we feel comfortable and happy at home. Quinn, a design and fit-out specialist from office design company vestraworkspace.com.au asks the question, “If we spend that much on designing our homes for comfort and mood improvement, then why are we not doing the same for our workplaces?” Why has it been acceptable for so long that companies don’t care about spending lots of money on decoration for the office, despite the fact they know it’ll probably make you feel better?

Well, now both sides of the table have realized that, actually, improving office space design is beneficial. Better lighting, natural light, plants, flowers, ergonomic furniture, and artwork all improve the look and feel of the place which leads to employee and employer satisfaction increase. Employees feel more comfortable at their desks when in an environment like this. Studies show that plants, for example, help reduce stress and improve concentration. If you are willing to spend some money bringing some of these things into your office, be it better lighting, greenery, or even stylish artwork, you’ll soon see that investment return as your staff are happier and therefore work harder. 

2. Impress and Tell Your Story

We have discussed how this improved office space will affect the mood and performance of your employees. Let’s also think about what happens when others come to visit you for meetings, conferences, or other such events. If a potential client or customer walks into a drab, depressing office, they may not be inspired to spend their money with you, hire you, or otherwise do business with you. A nice office can be a really impressive factor when it comes to people making decisions about your company.

Great design also gives you a chance to show off who you are, tell your story, share your ideas. Whether done through imagery, wording, or artistic design, you can use a creative and well-thought-out office space to share your vision. This can only add to the impressive feeling people will get when entering your office. 


3. Long-Term Savings

Believe it or not, spending big on your office now could actually save you even more in the long run. This is because with great modern design, often comes nicely energy-efficient elements. Installing modern LED lighting to replace old fluorescent tubing or upgrading to a new, stylish, efficient air conditioning system could save you on your energy bills for years and years moving down the line. The same goes for new windows, doors, heating, and even nice new monitors for computers. All of these can be energy-efficient as well as benefit you and your employees.

4. Reduce Employee Turnover

Finally, as we have said, people work better when they are in spaces they enjoy. Staff love having a place to make a coffee, work at a standing desk, or take a quick break on a sofa. Without these things, staff grows tired of their work more quickly. This leads to aspirations of working somewhere “nicer” or “cooler.” Studies show that having a nicer environment to work in leads to staff staying in their jobs longer. They also show that employees aspire more to grow within the company and be there longer-term, so a great office can actually help you keep your best employees.

These four reasons show exactly why it’s so important – and can be so beneficial – to aspire to have a well-designed office space. Employee retention and performance are huge benefits, alongside saving money and impressing clients. All of this means any money spent on design will surely lead to long-term improvements in business output and, most importantly, profit!

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