Real Estate Appeal: How a Stylish Entry Door Can Boost Property Value

A front door is the portal through which you enter your home. When guests come over, they likely head to the front door to be welcomed in. When people walk by your house, they probably notice the front entry and take note of its style. Perhaps you receive a lot of Amazon packages and delivery drivers regularly ring your doorbell.

The importance of this entryway cannot be underestimated. It is especially important if you are thinking about the possibility of selling the home. Although the door may not seem significant compared to the rest of the house, it is responsible for creating a first impression as potential buyers walk through it to view the interior.

Upgrading your front door to a more stylish look can boost property value. This will help you earn more when it comes time to sell, but it also plays a role in making the sale happen in the first place. Let’s talk about how a stylish entry door can create real estate appeal and increase property value.

Energy Efficiency

Doorways are common culprits when homes are not operating efficiently for heating and cooling. Unless the air outside is the perfect temperature every day, you need to rely on HVAC systems to heat or cool the home depending on the time of year. An old door is not only an eyesore, but it could be a source of air leakage that makes your HVAC work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures inside. Increasing the property’s energy efficiency is a great way to boost home value, and it starts with shoring up the gaps that may exist in your front entryway. A new door that is professionally installed will likely cover up those gaps and support efficient HVAC systems.

Curb Appeal

While a front door serves a function, it is also an important aesthetic feature. It can complement the colors and style of the rest of the home’s exterior, including siding, shutters, a porch, the garage door, and even the windows. All these elements contribute to curb appeal, which is the visual impression of your home that people get when they see it from the outside. A home with positive curb appeal can attract potential buyers inside, so they will check out the interiors. Additionally, a home that looks nice on the outside is more likely to fetch a higher price from buyers. The more people are willing to pay for your home, the more profits you will earn from the sale.

Improved Security

An aging door may be unappealing to look at, but it could also compromise the security of your home. The frame could be warped, resulting in a less secure seal when it is fully closed. Perhaps the lock has begun to rust or degrade, making it harder to get into your home even with a key. A new door comes with updated locking systems that ensure greater security for everyone inside. You can beef up front door security even further with smart locks, a type of tech gadget that many modern homes utilize. Buyers want to feel safe in their new home, so improved security with a brand-new door could be a tipping point in your favor.

Modern Designs

Doors that are popular today look different than those of the past. Homeowners are embracing new styles, and if your house features an outdated model, then it counts against your property in the eyes of potential buyers, forcing you to lower your listing price. Front entry doors today embrace the concepts of energy efficiency, ample natural lighting, and a minimalist design style. Modern buyers might be willing to pay a little more for a house if it has a door they immediately fall in love with. Many contractors offer custom designs, so you can just look up “entry door near me” on Google to connect with a front door installer who will help you choose an appealing design.

Low Maintenance

Home maintenance is an extra cost that buyers have to consider when buying properties. If a house has aging elements, those features are more likely to cost money going forward to maintain. A new and stylish door comes with the added benefit of minimal maintenance, at least for the time being. It could mean the difference between someone choosing your house or looking for other homes with fewer outdated features. However, if you replace that aging door, the buyer will feel secure knowing they are unlikely to have to pay for any costs associated with that feature for a long time.

Increase Your Chances of Selling With a New and Stylish Front Door

Property value affects your own profits as well as the types of buyers your home can appeal to. Although it may seem insignificant, the front door plays an important role in terms of curb appeal, energy efficiency, security, and home design. Consider the benefits of a new door installation and how it will impact your goals to sell the house in the future.

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