Top Design Trends That Will Make Your Kitchen Magnificent 

If you’re a good cook, there are chances that the kitchen is your favorite part of the house. Your friends would also always suggest for dinner and lunch dates to take place in your home. The kitchen is the part of a house that gives off that homely feeling. If your dining is in the kitchen, then you probably spend more family time there, and that’s enough reason to remodel. Having a particular design in your kitchen for a long time is boring. 

A switch-up can be as basic as changing the painting of the walls, changing the furniture, or going full renovation on your kitchen space. Here are some design trends that will make your kitchen stand out and also become your favorite space in the house. 

Natural Stone

Natural stones make it possible for you to try different designs in your kitchen. They are made from rocks, and this gives them an edge over other types of kitchen designs. Natural stones are perfect for countertops as they are delicate, and can be cleaned easily. Natural stones like marbles and black granite make your kitchen look better than other parts of the house. You can get great options from your local natural stone supplier in no time. Here is a free design tip, natural stone is a great blend for stainless steel cabinets, ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, and backsplashes. 

Wood Finishes 

If you need a general inspiration for wood finishes, you should check out Indian homes. The good thing with woods in the kitchen is that it comes with different styles and patterns. You can also use a particular wood color or do a mix. Woods never go out of fashion, so depending on the look you are going for in your kitchen, you can choose between walnut, dark or warm tones. 

Color Pops

The same way you can play around with woods in your kitchen, it also works with colors. Finding a particular color can be confusing; this is because appliances in the kitchen vary in colors. You can decide to do a rhyming scheme where all appliances come in a particular hue while the cabinets come in another hue. The more colors you add to your kitchen, the more life you give to your space. When painting the wall of your kitchen, go for a color you can always change in case you get bored or tired. Trendy colors might go out of style in five years, so choose what is more appealing to your color taste and sense. 

Dark Drama 

If you’re a fan of everything black, your kitchen shouldn’t be an exception. The dark drama kitchen theme works best when you have a lot of sunshine coming in. The dark scheme can also go to your appliances and woods. The dark drama trend gives a magnificent and unique look to your kitchen. It also becomes an eye-candy to guests as everyone considers the color black as luxurious and inviting. You can mix the black with a white or natural stone countertop to give that aesthetically pleasing finish. 



Imagine a coordinated pantry in your kitchen space with labeled jars and bottles. Having a pantry in your kitchen helps the food stay in its place. Your cooking becomes easier as everything is handy and at reach at all times. It also makes space for the storage area in the kitchen. When the kitchen is in order, it reduces the tension that comes with cooking as you would be relaxed. 

When someone else decides to cook in your kitchen, all they have to worry about is making a perfect meal as all the ingredients they need will be placed in the pantry as it has been in vogue the longest, and they never go out of style. 

Retro Style Kitchens 

Everything is coming back into style, and the kitchen isn’t left out. You can draw inspirations from an old architectural kitchen design. How full you want to go in a retro-style kitchen depends on you. It can either be a section in the kitchen, or everything can be put in retro. The best part of your kitchen to go retro on is the cabinets, and you can give a contemporary design to it. It can be the wood, the paint, or the materials you have inside your kitchen; a retro switch-up always works. 

There are a lot of kitchen designs you can try, from an all-white kitchen to gold finishes. You can mix a lot of designs and come up with something that defines homely for you. What kitchen design will you be going for? 

 Kitchen Remodeling: Pimp it Out

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