You can now easily share your beycome listing on craigslist©, revolutionary… we know!

Craigslist© is another great platform for your property to get more exposure to potential buyers and tenants, so we highly encourage you to follow these easy steps to create an ad on craigslist©!

The process may be a little tricky for some individuals, but not to worry! We have a thorough step-by-step guide on how to get it done!

Connect to My dashboard

On the “Edit” menu select “Marketing“,

Under your flyers, business cards, and yard sign (which are all pretty awesome, we hope you utilize your marketing tools!), you will find the area titles “Craigslist Listing

Easy! Click on the button “Copy Html and Post to Craiglist” the code has already been selected and copied for you.

Then “choose the site nearest you

Craigslist Property Listing

Next step is visiting© and creating a new post. Once on craigslist©, you will select “Post To Classifieds”.

Craigslist Property Listing

You will now start setting up your Craigslist© post! This is where some individuals may get confused. There is an option for “housing offered” as well as “for sale by owner”, you will need to select “housing offered”.

Craigslist Property Listing

Then you will choose the category of your post, which will be “real estate – by owner”.

Craigslist Property Listing

Then depending on your area, you will choose the location that fits best for your property!

Craigslist Property Listing

Now, you will start entering in the information for your ad! You will need to provide your phone number and a contact name! You will title your posting and add your postal code as well. On this page, you will see the “posting body”. This is where you will need to paste the code generated on beycome! ( 2 options, Right lick + Paste or CTRL + v ) This is a very important step in posting your listing on craigslist©.

Craigslist Property Listing

You will then fill in the rest of the needed information and move on to the next step which is uploading your photos!

Craigslist Property Listing

Once your photos are uploaded, the last step will be publishing the ad! You will be able to see the template that was made for you by beycome and then you will click “Publish” located at the top right-hand corner of the unpublished ad!

Craigslist Property Listing

When you select “Publish”, craigslist is then going to send you an email to confirm your listing! There will be a link in that email that will redirect you to your published post. Your ad is now LIVE on craigslist©, helping you gain more exposure to potential buyers and tenants who are interested in dealing directly with you!

Craigslist Property ListingCraigslist Property Listing

Remember, exposure is so so so important for your property during this process. We highly encourage that you also share your listing on all of your social media platforms and to take advantage of the marketing tools we offer COMPLETELY FREE which include flyers, business cards, and a personalized yard sign!

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