DIY Fall Decorations


Fall is finally upon us, the season of apple picking and hayrides—of warm apple cider and chai lattes. Who doesn’t love this time of the year, with all the best holidays wrapped up in it (Thanksgiving, hello)? As someone who has always enjoyed filling her home (to the point of being borderline obnoxious) with decor reminiscent of the cozy season, DIY projects are my bread and butter. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of building something from the ground up without resorting to overpriced trinkets at Target (no shade, but, seriously though).

So, for those of you out there who enjoy tinkering at things while hoping for the best, and even for any new DIY-ers out there who want to try their hand at this glorious pastime, here are some cute, and easy, ideas to spice up your space!


  • Autumn Leaf Jars. Pick up a pack of mason jars from Walmart or Michaels for less than ten dollars, decoupage some leaves on the inside, stick in a tea light candle and… boom! There you have some festive jars to cast a homey glow around your home. For those who live in areas where leaves actually start to fall from the trees around this time of year, collect a few on your next walk and dry them out between some newspapers  for two weeks before using.
  • Falling Leaves Garland. Jazz up any table top, fireplace, or doorway with some sparkle. What do you need? Artificial leaves and a ton of glitter. The tools needed can be found at any Dollar Tree. .
  • Yarn Pumpkins. Yarn balls are probably the easiest decoration to make, yet seem like you worked tirelessly on it.  Impress your house guests with gorgeous, orange netting that seems to defy gravity! All you need is orange yarn, white glue, some balloons to form the spherical shape, and brown and green pipe cleaners. Once the yarn is glued to the balloon, cut a little airhole near the top of the balloon, slowly release the air, and pull it out. Magic!
  • Pumpkin Serving Platter. Serve your cookies, candies, and other treats on this seasonal platter. With an orange-painted foam pumpkin at the base, simply glue gun a plastic platter on top of it. I love using this soft gold paint, as it’s non-toxic and low-odor. You can also make some lovely matching centerpieces to tie the entire theme together.
  • Candy Corn Button Art. Liven up your mantel with this quirky candy corn art piece. Pick up a simple black frame, some burlap for the background, and fasten white, orange, and yellow buttons together to form a candy corn.
  • Burlap Wine Covers. Following the burlap theme,  we have these rustic wine covers. Burlap is, by the way, is a wonderful material to utilize as it creates an autumn vibe without all the fuss. Sometimes us DIY-ers just want the quickest and cutest option, and this can definitely be whipped up before dinner time. If you have a little more wiggle room to further fancify things, stencil in your guests’ names, or even a nice greeting!


Even though we’re in sunny Florida, we still can’t wait for this time of year– and these decorations are just the beginning of the excitement!


Tell us in the comments below how you welcome fall if you live in a warm state!

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