Millennial Home Buyers: The New Target Market

Jakob Owens

Get to know your new target, “Millennial Home Buyers’

Most buyers, nowadays, want a home that’s light, bright and sparkling clean. Millennials, the generation born from 1980 to 1995, also want a home that’s move-in ready, modern with all the colors and comforts possible.
No millennial wants to buy their Grannies’ house, nor their parents’ house for that matter, it needs to be hip. It needs to be fresh. Their idea of the perfect home
So now that we know this about your target market, the question remains: How can we update our older residence to appeal to these yoga practice, organic food eater’s younger buyers?
Let me help you a bit on this situation, as a millennial buyer myself & after studying the market a little, based on my line of business, these are some pointers I can give you, that will help you much in the first visit.

Let’s remember, millennials want clean-lined fixtures, uncluttered spaces, light-colored walls, dark-colored floors. So, everything matters, just as a relation “First impressions are Lasting” and we want them to fall in love at first sight.

*Front Door Greets the Prospect – Make sure the color is fresh and bold, also helps to keep that clean look on it. Trimmed your lawn and keep the driveway clear of any litter. Sympathize with the fact that they are young, you can add glamour to your house, like if it’s a movie set… transport them to that lifestyle and help them imagine their days in their new home.

*Let the Sun talk for you – Open covers and curtains. Dark rooms do not appeal, only to Dracula and friends. Let the prospect see how joyful their new home can be.

*Size does matter (closet wise) – Ladies love their closets to be huge, the bigger the better, appeal to this sense and help them decide. Neat, well organized closets show that the space is more than ample.

*And Finally, Don’t oversell – Let your home speak for itself, if it’s what the prospect it’s looking for you will see it in their eyes, also they will start asking closing questions as: “How Secure is the neighborhood?”; “The distance from point A to point B” and so on… just be on the lookout for this question don’t let it slide off your hands.

I hope you have found these couple of ideas useful, always recollect information about your target market and move accordingly towards the direction you desire.

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