Open House Signage Kit

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New Open House Signage Kit!

Having an open house is one of the best ways to introduce your home to the bevy of potential buyers/ renters out there.

Open houses allow prospects to see the home life direct and ask any questions they may have had regarding the condition of the home, the asking price, or is the owner willing to negotiate.

As the seller, it is also a great time to collect and create a database of potential buyers/renters in your market. An open house, however, is no small feat. It takes time and preparation to not only make your house presentable and attractive to possible buyers but to create and generate the type of traffic to your home that makes it all worth the while.

At, we understand how important it is not only to have an open house but to make sure that the open house has actual potential buyers/renters visiting it.


That’s why in our new OPEN HOUSE Signage kit, we include:

2 x directional arrow open house signs to put along the street to guide visitors to your home

1 x personal open house yard sign to fix on the front of your home

+ Printing and shipping the signs directly to your home.

Scheduling your open house on is quick and simple (How to add an Open House)

Once you have set a schedule for your open house, your listing is automatically included in the “Open House” section of, making potential buyers aware.


Discover our Top 17 Tips to a Successful Open House

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