FSBO Home Seller Guide: To Sell or Not to Sell?

2 years ago

A FSBO Home Seller Guide: To Sell or Not to Sell. That is the Question…

So, you’re thinking about selling your home. Whether you’re relocating to a new area, your lifestyle needs are changing, or you’d like to spend the next few years island hopping in the Caribbean …well, we’re super confident that you’ll make the best possible decision…

Because with beycome, we’ve got the tools, tips, and tricks on how you can determine the right call in deciding to sell your home.

Research, research, research…

We hate to break it to you but research didn’t end when you finished school. Even when you sell your home you’ll have to do a little bit of research! On the bright side, beycome is the cheat sheet that you wish you had back in school!

You’ll have to do a little bit of homework to figure out how to sell your home and get all of the paperwork together that you may need to make this a reality. You’re going to need a few things such as copies of your property records for appraisers and title companies, insurance documents, disclosures and some legal documentation. You’ll also nee dot figure out how you want to sell your home. Do you want to offer any incentives such as financing or do you want to maybe allow buyers to lease-to-own so that you give those first-time homebuyers a shot?

For Sale But For How Much?

We get it, your home is priceless. But somehow, you’re going to have to put a value on your home to be able to sell it! We offer an awesome tool to help you sell your home at a realistic value so that you and the buyer are both happy! Happy customers = happy beycome!

Our pricing tool will basically take a look at your home, take a look at the homes around you, study past sales and then give you a price estimate at what we think your home should be priced at! Now that’s what we call a win! If you’re not happy with the estimate that we give you, you’re welcome to change the listing price but always remember to take a look at similar homes around you that have sold to get an idea so that you don’t list too high (remember money talks!). You can use our Pricing calaculator on the step 2.

Getting Your Home Ready to Sell. For the Win.Selling a home can get pretty complicated, especially because buyers will expect quite a bit from the property of their intended purchase. But where do we begin? Well, here are a few things to consider.

  • Repairs and updates
  • Home renovations and improvements
  • Staging: professional or DIY
  • Pricing: because money talks!

The good part is that you’ve come to the web’s #1 site for sellers and buyers or renters that aren’t interested in using real estate middlemen. So you can rest easy, knowing that we’ll have informative articles, checklists, and handy tools that will help you get your home ready for listing.

Still want more? We’ve got you! Continue to check out our blog for more handy tips!

Connect with Buyers

Using beycome for listing your house will enable you to reach millions of hungry house hunters in no time. Because we make it so incredibly easy to buy and sell property, your home won’t get stuck in the nothingness of listing-limbo.

Hey, a tiny ‘for-sale’ sign by the driveway is great-n’-all; but beycome has been designed to provide you with an online “For Sale” billboard, located the center of a highly active networked community.  Sellers just can’t deny how easy we make it…

You’ve got messaging tools, have buyers schedule visits, organize an open house and more importantly, make your house look like the superstar that it is!

Because it’s just what we do best.

The Negotiating Table

Where beycome really shines is in how we’ve totally streamlined the negotiation process. Not only do we provide a place where you can easily connect and interact with buyers, but those buyers can even make offers with just a few clicks.

Also, after a buyer makes an offer, you’ll even have the tools to counter offer, accept, or reject it through our interactive system. And since we want you to get the most money out of your home, we’ve provided a bunch of tutorials on how to handle the negotiation process -including and tips on how to harness the negotiating power of beycome to your advantage.

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