Real Estate Glossary

What is Co-Maker?

In real estate, a co-maker is a person who signs a loan agreement along with the borrower, agreeing to be equally responsible for repaying the loan. A co-maker is also known as a co-signer.

Co-makers are often used when the primary borrower does not have a strong enough credit history or income to qualify for a loan on their own. By adding a co-maker to the loan agreement, the lender can feel more secure in the likelihood of repayment, as the co-maker's creditworthiness and financial resources are considered.

Importance of co-maker:

Co-makers are typically used for personal or business loans, and are commonly used in situations such as a parent co-signing a loan for their child's education or a business owner co-signing a loan for their company.

It's important to note that co-makers are equally responsible for repaying the loan and their credit score may be impacted if the borrower defaults on the loan. As a result, co-makers should carefully consider their decision to co-sign a loan and ensure that they are comfortable with the risk involved.