Real Estate Glossary

What's a For Sale By Owner deal?

"For Sale by Owner" (FSBO) is a term used to describe the process of selling a property without the assistance of a real estate agent or broker. This means that the property owner is responsible for advertising, showing, and ultimately selling the property without the help of a professional.

Selling a property FSBO can be a good option for homeowners who are comfortable handling the sale themselves, or who want to save money on real estate agent commissions. However, this also means that the property owner will be responsible for handling all aspects of the sale, including advertising the property, setting the price, negotiating with buyers, and completing all necessary paperwork.

One of the biggest challenges of selling FSBO is the lack of access to the multiple listing service (MLS) which is a database of available properties that is only available to real estate agents and brokers. This can make it difficult for an FSBO property to get as much exposure as it would if it were listed with an agent. Because of this, most FSBO property owners, tend to use online platforms like to advertise their property and be visible to more potential buyers.

FSBO property owners also need to be aware of the legal requirements of selling a property and the legal paperwork that must be completed. It's important to have a good understanding of the laws and regulations surrounding property sales, including contract law and real estate disclosure requirements, in order to ensure a smooth legal process.

Overall, selling a property FSBO can be a very good option for property owners, but it requires some amount of time and effort.